Are you checking your tenant’s Right to Rent?

I hope (if you manage rented property based in England) you are aware of the need to do right to rent checks? This is an attempt by the government to prevent illegal immigrants finding legitimate accommodation.  The regulations require landlords to check, before renting out a property, that all occupants […]

Landlord possession notices – how to defeat the devious tenant

A possession notice is generally essential if you are going to apply for a possession order at the County Court. However the important thing to remember about service of documents, is not just that you do it – but that you can PROVE that you did it. Most tenants are […]

Criminal law and civil law explained – they are not the same

Two kinds of law It is not always appreciated by non lawyers that there are two kinds of law.  Civil law and Criminal law. Civil law – is a complicated system which tries to set out rules to cover all the sorts of situation that may arise in life, and […]

Three successful prosecutions of ‘bad landlords’

Local authorities (not the police) are the prosecuting organisation for most ‘bad landlord’ offences such as illegal eviction and harassment.  This article looks at three recent cases where landlords were successfully prosecuted and convictions obtained. Although of course YOU would never behave in this way (at least not so far […]