The HUGE unprecedented ‘contrarian’ opportunity right now

Despite the huge contrarian investing opportunities since the crash and recession of 2007 and beyond, despite far higher cashflow and yields, despite far lower prices and bigger discounts, despite much less competition and low cost of finance… Property investors are facing brand-new challenges that are holding many previous professionals back […]

Interest Only verses Repayment – What do YOU do?

Are you confused by your mortgage options? Why are nearly all investment mortgages interest only, rather than capital repayment? Surely it’s crazy to only repay the interest and leave yourself with the loan at the end, right Wrong. Actually, it’s not crazy for one simple reason: All property investors understand […]

Private Investors: Who They Are & How to Find Them

Property investors spend days, hours, weeks and months finding the next deal – some get lucky and find the next deal relatively quickly. Great. But the second part of the investment equation is: Deal + Finance = Investment You see, without finance the traditional investment equation is incomplete. Many new […]

The 15.5 BIG Property Mistakes that can Financially Ruin You

As a baby You made tons of mistakes. (Just stay with me here..) Trying to walk, falling, getting up, trying again, and falling.. Perhaps you bumped your head, cried and tried to be more careful. Imagine You decided to give up walking altogether? “This walking thing just isn’t gona’ work, […]