How Much Does It Cost To Sell My Home?

If you want to sell your home you’ll have to spend over £5,400 on the process, taking into account factors like estate agency and conveyancing fees, although this cost climbs as high as £11,500 in the capital. That is according to estate agent comparison site,, which utilised its ‘My Property […]

When Is The Best Time To Re-Mortgage?

The best time to remortgage depends on several factors and individual circumstances. However, there are some considerations to help you determine the optimal time: Interest rates Keep an eye on the prevailing interest rates. If interest rates have significantly dropped since you initially obtained your mortgage, it might be a […]

Mortgage Rates Rise – What Can Flat Owners Expect?

As two-year fixed-rate mortgages soar to 6%, what can flat owners expect from their maintenance fees? Homeowners across the country are currently facing turmoil as it has been reported that the UK is ‘hurtling into mortgage disaster’. With two-year fixed UK mortgage rates rising above a staggering 6%, amid an […]

Biggest Lenders Increase Mortgage Rates

NatWest and Nationwide, two of the UK’s largest mortgage lenders, have announced today that they will increase interest rates by as much as 0.45% while removing some of their mortgage products from the market altogether. The move from the lenders, experts predict, is due to the financial markets reaction to the stubbornly high […]

Seven Tips To Help You Afford A Mortgage

In September 2021, according to Moneyfacts, the average two-year fixed mortgage rate was 2.38%, and the average two-year variable tracker rate was 2.25%. By February 2023, after numerous bank base rate increases since December 2021, taking it from 0.1% to 3.5%, the average two-year fixed rate was 5.58% in January, and the average […]

Costs Of Buying A Home

There’s no denying that buying a property is more difficult than it used to be, particularly for first-time buyers. Interest rates are at a 14-year high, mortgages are less affordable, and soaring energy and living bills are squeezing budgets like never before. According to Halifax, the average price of a home for first-time buyers is now around 7.6 times the average UK […]