All our Property Investment Deals below £100,000 are listed below:

High yielding, low risk cheap property is attractive for those wanting to either get on to the property investing ladder or for those wanting to fill their portfolios with income producing homes that don’t burst the bank.

We recommend buying these types of property if you are comfortable with smaller returns for smaller outlay and/or if you are a first time investor.

The beauty of property under £100k is that your initial purchase price is lower, they are easier (and less costly) to mortgage and the lower financial outlay won’t hurt as much during (potential) void periods.

These properties rent surprisingly well in comparison to more expensive alternatives and we always recommend them (as stocking fillers) in addition to other types of property as we believe in mixed portfolios thus allowing you to spread your risk in different areas when investing.

Property to go for: Terraced Houses & Apartments in areas of regeneration with good local and necessary amenities (like schools & employment) nearby

Yield to aim for: 8% or above

An experienced investor would say: Don’t forget DSS. Remember you are renting to people that potentially cannot afford to buy property outright, so the benefits are that you are more likely to rent for longer periods, meaning less voids allowing for capital appreciation longer term whilst yielding well above your mortgage costs. DSS tenants are great because rents are guaranteed from councils often paid directly to you. Finally don’t overdo it with fixtures and fittings, keep it clean and simple and keep a flow of money untouched for any happenings like boilers breaking or plumbing & electrical issues.

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Tenanted terraced house for sale in Chester-Le-Street, Durham

Purchase price: £51,000

Terraced house for sale in Saltburn by the Sea

Purchase price: £55,000

Terraced House for sale in Easington, Durham

Purchase price: £56,000

Student Apartments in Sunderland

Purchase price: £59,000 (from)

Terraced House for sale in Barrow-in-Furness

Purchase price: £60,000

Terraced House for sale in Middlesbrough

Purchase price: £64,000

Student Apartments for sale in Stoke on Trent

Purchase price: £79,999 (from)

Tenanted Terraced House in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Purchase price: £85,000

Serviced Apartments for sale in Doncaster

Purchase price: £90,500 (from)

HMO property for sale in Liverpool

Purchase price: £93,000

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