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Available to download FREE… Updated for 2020 to include sections on Portfolio Landlord rules, stress testing, lending to Limited Companies, and using SPVS.

Amongst many other things, here’s what I’ll show you in All About Buy to Let Finance And How to Get It:

  • Why purchasing buy to let property with a mortgage is actually a smart move, and why you don’t want to buy using cash
  • Why borrowing to buy property makes perfect sense, and why buying property works better when you use someone else’s money!
  • How to give yourself the best possible chance to get the loan you want
  • The ‘black arts’ lenders indulge in which could de-rail your property investing
  • How to find the best buy to let mortgage deals
  • What your lender is looking for from your property
  • What your lender is looking for from you!
  • How to compare deals so you know you are getting the best one
  • What lenders really don’t want, so you can avoid it
  • What you can do if you have limited money to put in to a deal, or limited income
  • What’s a DIP and when should I apply for one
  • How much a lender will lend you
  • What new investors should be thinking about
  • Should you go for a fixed rate or a variable rate?
  • Should you opt for interest only or capital repayment mortgages?
  • What’s the best Loan to Value ratio today, and where do I get it?
  • Can I move my buy to let mortgage to another property?
  • What about borrowing on new builds?
  • Should I use a mortgage broker and, if so, when?
  • What if I can’t get a buy to let loan?
  • What is a “Portfolio Landlord” and what does it mean for borrowing
  • How do banks stress test – for individuals and for limited companies
  • Why use a limited company and how do buy to let lenders treat and lend to limited companies
  • What is an SPV and when do I use one

And much, much more.

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