Advertising to our unique list of members can be a remarkable and powerful way of promoting your business and projects to a clientele specifically interested in investment, finance, property and other entrepreneurial opportunities in increasing their fortunes.


  • 130,000 members
  • 90,000 newsletter subscribers
  • 100,000 monthly hits
  • 83.16% new visits

Newsletter Advertising (solus):

Our most powerful way of advertising is by direct mailout offering a single product or service to our regular subscribed list of 85-90,000 active members.

For a single solus advert we charge from £2,500 plus VAT and offer weekday slots with discount available for multiple bookings.

Newsletter Advertising (mutli):

A lower priced option of advertising to our full newsletter list is banner or text advertising which are placed on our multi-article newsletters.

With slots available (per newsletter) from £500 plus VAT and discounts available for regular bookings this is a useful way of getting your product or service across to a large number without paying the full cost of an advert.

On Site Banner Advertising:

One of the most popular ways of advertising is through banners and we offer monthly, quarterly and yearly slots on our site with our image banners that are used to promote various products on pages across our site.

A 225 x 600 pixel (maximum size) banner can be linked to your requested page from £100pcm, £250 per quarter or just £500 a year plus VAT. These offer a great way of passive advertising and can build up a steady flow of leads over a long period.

On Site Article Advertising:

An alternative and increasingly popular way of advertising is by using so called ‘good news’ articles which use text and banners to link to relevant requested pages. These are information based articles designed indirectly to promote a product or service.

We offer appropriate article slots at £250 plus VAT each with images and banners also accepted subject to reasonable size and quantity.

All in one Advertising:

For just £1,000 pcm plus VAT (minimum six months apply), you can have the complete package with regular newsletter adverts, banner ads and articles as well as your own guest blog page on our site and your very own expert, giving you full ‘partner status’ with the Property Secrets team.

If interested in finding out more, please fill out your details below along with your requirements and we’ll get back in touch.