Free Guide: 7 Steps To Financial Freedom

Updated for 2020 this Peter Jones book on achieving financial freedom through property is a 40 page guide for Property Secrets readers to enjoy completely free of charge.

From deciding on what you want to achieve from property and why to choosing the right strategy to achieve what you want to achieve this book ticks the boxes along the lines of property investment success.

Find, negotiate, finance and buy your property to adding value, financing and letting the seven steps are covered whatever your strategy may be.

Find out ALL the seven steps to financial freedom…

Step ONE… Decide on WHAT you want to achieve from property and WHY?

Step TWO… Chose the RIGHT strategy to ACHIEVE what you want to achieve

Step THREE… Find the right PROPERTY or the right types of property that fit with your STRATEGY

Step FOUR… Find, Negotiate, Finance & BUY your property


Step SIX… LET & REFINANCE our property

Step SEVEN… Go again, REPEAT the process

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