5 Steps For Beginners To Take Before Investing in Property

If you are looking to build long-term wealth and diversify where you place your money, careful planning and consideration must be taken into account before you jump into property investing. There are some different ways you can invest in property to gain financial returns, from BRRs and Flips, HMO investments, […]

Moving Out Early? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Breaking a Lease

Unexpected curves and twists are a part of life’s uncertain path. In the world of rental homes, signing a lease agreement represents the start of a new chapter, providing stability and a place to call home. However, things may change, and occasionally we run into unanticipated difficulties that force us […]

Mortgage Rates Rise – What Can Flat Owners Expect?

As two-year fixed-rate mortgages soar to 6%, what can flat owners expect from their maintenance fees? Homeowners across the country are currently facing turmoil as it has been reported that the UK is ‘hurtling into mortgage disaster’. With two-year fixed UK mortgage rates rising above a staggering 6%, amid an […]