As the hours of daylight get shorter, the kids are at school, and parents head to the office, our homes are more vulnerable than at any other time of the year. Indeed, a 2019 study by Co-Op cited by Ideal Home found that autumn was the worst time of the year for burglaries, with most taking place on weekdays.

Thankfully, the number of burglaries recorded by the police has dropped in the last two decades, as shown by Statista figures. Yet, declining figures won’t protect your property if a burglar sees an opportunity.

Whether you have your own home, or you’re currently renting with the plan to purchase your own home in the future, home security is always important. To keep your home and belongings safe, here are five ways to improve your home security.

Light it up

With most break-ins happening in night-time darkness, installing motion-sensitive lights around your property (front garden, side passages, and garden) can help prevent crime.

By shining light on would-be offenders, you may deter break-ins by preventing the intruder from hiding in the dark, as well as lighting up the face of any individuals who do try to invade your home – whether they’re seen by the neighbours, passers-by, or a home security camera system.

Invest in a burglar alarm

One of the best things you can do to deter break-ins is having a high-quality, visible burglar alarm system fitted to your home.

There are loads to choose from, available for both homeowners and renters, and many are available without the need for a subscription.

Install a smart doorbell

Smart doorbells are internet-enabled and feature a camera, speaker, and microphone. Connected to your smartphone via app, they allow you to communicate remotely with individuals at your door who press the doorbell. They will also let you know if they detect motion, patching you through to the camera and allowing you to speak via the speaker.

Most smart doorbells offer a subscription model for long-term video storage too, which can be a good idea if you want to make sure you have the video to hand should the worst happen.

Keep it locked

Whether you’re in or out of the home, the value of locking your windows and doors cannot be overstated. Get into the habit of checking all rooms and doors so you can be certain your home is locked – both when you leave the home, and when you head to bed.

Consider your privacy

If your belongings are on show from outside your home, you are more likely to gain the attention of burglars. Closing curtains and keeping valuables away from windows, having high fences or shrubbery around the garden, or parking your car inside your garage can all have a positive effect.

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