If you are looking to make improvements to the interior design of your living room, or seeking to add overall value to your property, this can be a daunting prospect. You may feel that you need to invest lots of time and money into completely redesigning your living space in order to breathe new life into it. In actual fact, you may only need to make a few small adjustments to completely transform a room’s design. Instead of just focusing on upgrading or changing the furniture and fittings present in your living room, you should also consider more holistic elements such as the current lighting situation in your living room. The way a room is lit can play a huge part in how it is perceived, and the right choice of lighting can go a long way towards creating a pleasant and comforting space for yourself and others. Here are a few examples of how different kinds of room lighting can completely revitalise your living space.

Lighting can serve many different purposes in a living room, and so to start with, it is worth considering how you use your living room, and then how best you can use different lighting options to meet these needs. If your living room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you can use light fittings to create what is known as ambient light. You can play around with different locations and levels of lighting, for example floor lamps can create a focal point in the design of your living room and illuminate the floor space, whilst a ceiling fixture such as a chandelier or a decorative shade can change the perspective of your room. If the overhead glare of a ceiling fixture isn’t working in your living room, perhaps consider installing some wall sconces instead, as these provide a gentler ambient lighting, and can be seamlessly integrated into the wall design of your room – it is recommended to use a green laser level when installing to ensure they are perfectly aligned with any other features on your walls.

You can also use lighting to pinpoint more focused areas of your room which might require a more direct source of light rather than a general ambient light fitting. This is known as task lighting, where you can adapt the lighting of your living room so that it is ideally suited for particular tasks, whilst still adding to the overall feel of the room. A well-positioned table lamp next to a comfy chair will provide the ideal spotlight for reading or other similar activities, whilst more direct spotlights might be required if you are a fan of a particular hobby or craft which needs strong lighting.

Decorative, or accent lighting is where less focus is placed on the function of the light fitting and more on how it fits aesthetically into your space. These may include novelty lamps or LED light strings, which can be integrated into your room design as a key wall feature, or to highlight your existing décor and furniture.

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