Property has, historically, been a fairly reliable asset in the UK. If you’ve been a homeowner during the past few years, then the chances are overwhelming that your home is worth more than it was when you bought it. With recent rises in interest rates, this situation might change in the future – but it’s fair to say that investment in a home is likely to pay off, not only in terms of the enjoyment you get from it, but in terms of the financial return.

But if you’re willing to pay for refurbishments, you can increase the value of your home still further. In many cases, you can make improvements yourself. You’ll first need the right tools. It’s generally better to invest in quality from the outset, rather than having to continually replace inferior tools. Milwaukee tools and other premium brands enjoy a great reputation for a reason.


Buyers will want plenty of space to store their belongings, to keep the home free from clutter. The more efficient you can be when it comes to storage space, the better – generally speaking. You can either go off-the-shelf when it comes to storage solutions, or you can elect to build something just for the purpose. Loft and garage space can be invaluable, here – so don’t get rid of yours if you can help it.

Loft Conversion

On the other hand, you might seek to make use of your loft as a living space. A home office, a library, or an extra bedroom might be invaluable. You’ll need to make sure that your loft conversion is habitable if it’s to comply with building regulations – which might necessitate bringing in professional tradespeople to get the job done for you.

Open-plan kitchen-diner

Getting a sense of open space and natural light in your interior is very on-trend. Knocking through the wall adjoining your kitchen and dining area is thus an extremely popular change. If you’re the sort of family that likes to gather around for food, this might be a change that really helps to get the best from your space.

Before you start knocking down walls, however, you’ll want to first establish which are load-bearing. A stud wall you can typically knock down yourself; a load-bearing wall you will almost certainly need a professional builder to ensure that the ceiling doesn’t fall in.

Garden Office

If you’re working from home, then you might appreciate an outdoor space in which to soak up the sunshine while you’re working. The same might be true of your potential buyers. You can often get a lot of value from a garden space without much investment or work. You simply need an area that’s comfortable to live in, and that’s sheltered from the wind and the rain. If you want to arrange outdoor power outlets, or an outbuilding that functions as a dedicated office space, then so much the better. Be aware that larger builds might require planning permission.

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