Keeping tenants happy is vital if you want to be a successful landlord. The happier tenants are, the better care they will take of your property and the longer they will stay. Here are some ways that you can improve your property to optimise it for your tenants:

Install fitted furniture

The last thing that any tenant wants is to feel as though they have outgrown a property. Installing some fitted furniture is an effective way to maximise space in the property, meaning tenants are able to store everything without the home becoming cluttered. It is also useful as a landlord as fitted furniture is universally helpful for all kinds of tenants, meaning they can be used regardless of future tenant changes.

Upgrade the boiler

With the current cost of living crisis, it is more important than ever to have efficient heating at a home. New boilers are far more efficient than older models and so installing one will allow your tenants to heat the property in the most effective way whilst spending the least money possible. It is also your responsibility as a landlord to ensure all gas and electric equipment is safely installed and maintained so it is beneficial to have modern appliances that are less likely to break or cause safety issues.

Refresh with neutral colours

Giving your property a paint refresh is a great way to improve the appearance and remove any signs of wear and tear. Be sure to go for neutral tones so that tenants are able to add their own touch with soft furnishing, rather than having to coordinate their style with bold colours they can’t change.

Prioritise safety

Whether you rent or own a property, feeling safe is of the utmost importance. Tenants need to be able to feel that they can completely relax and will only be able to do so if they feel safety has been considered. Ensure there are secure locks on both doors and windows and that there are working burglar and smoke alarms. Consider asking tenants if they are interested in any additional safety features too and take their suggestions and feedback into account.

Remove unused furniture

Tenants do not want to feel as though they are living in their landlord’s storage property.  Whilst it is handy to be able to keep furniture at your rental property, be considerate as to whether tenants can actually make use of it or not. If they can’t then store the furniture elsewhere so it isn’t in the way. This will allow tenants to feel that they are being prioritised and that the home is theirs to do as they please rather than your additional storage facility.

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