If you’re thinking of taking on your first property renovation, then take a look at our guide below. We’ll be featuring some useful tips to help you with a smooth-running property renovation, as well as how to add value if you’re planning to sell the property afterward. Keep reading to find out more.

Have A Survey Completed

Having a survey carried out on the property you’re considering renovating will help to make sure there are no serious structural issues present. These are important to know about not only because they can end up costing a huge amount to correct, but they can also make the property dangerous for you and any contractors to be working on. Such issues can be things like:

  • Rising damp
  • Damaged lintels
  • Subsidence or land-slip
  • Bowing or sagging roof
  • Damage to supporting walls
  • Rotten windows and doors

Investing in a thorough survey both for structural issues and any other relevant surveys can actually help you to save money in the future because you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs.

Check If You Need Planning Permission

If you’re planning to add to the existing structure or make significant changes to the land around the property, you may need to apply for planning permission first. If you’re unsure whether your plans require planning permission, then contact your local authority for more information. They will also be able to advise you on what information needs to be included when submitting your planning permission too. If you’re renovating a period property, there could be more restrictions on what you’re allowed to do with the property and certain regulations you have to follow.

Organise Waste Disposal

Renovating a property is a messy job, and, especially if you’re tearing down walls, there will be a lot of waste you will need to get rid of. Perhaps the most convenient form of waste disposal is to hire a skip for a certain period of time. Once full, you can then arrange for this to be taken away for you, saving you the hassle of having to transport waste yourself. Skip Supply Network offers a range of different skip sizes and services to help make your property renovation project that bit simpler. if you’re renovating a terraced house or property that does not have off-road parking, it’s worth bearing in mind that you might have to apply for a road permit in order to hire a skip outside the property.

Consider The Area Your Property Is In

When renovating a property to sell quickly, remember that you should be aiming to cater to the area the house is in. If you’re not familiar with the area, then try and get to know it as best as possible so you can learn more about what the local demographic of buyers would be looking for. There is no point in spending thousands on adding improvements to a property if it means it’s going to price the house out of the area.

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