When potential buyers come to view your home, the exterior is the first thing they see. 68% of home buyers believe that curb appeal is an important factor when purchasing a home. The outside of the house must be visually appealing, so the potential buyer walks into your home with a positive mindset. If the outside of the property is outdated and unloved, they will be expecting the same to feature inside the house.

Properties that have an updated feel and look to them, tend to be the best sellers. Ensuring that your property has an up-to-date feel will be a great persuasion to a potential buyer that this their future home.

Revamp Your Front Door

The entrance to your home is often the first thing buyers notice. The front door sets a precedent for the rest of the property. Front doors that look dull or derelict is a big deterrent for potential buyers. If a potential buyer notices signs of peeling paint or mould, it instantly turns them off the property.

Giving your front door a deep clean is a quick and simple way to rejuvenate it. By applying metal polish to worn fixtures, it can help to remove rust and bring a new lease of life to an old door. Even painting the front door can give it a much cleaner look.

However, if you feel that your door needs more than just a lick of paint, upgrading to a new door could be a worthwhile investment.

A Well-Kept Exterior

Regardless of the walls being brick, stone or covered in cladding, touching them up will help to bring your home back to life. The external wall coatings of your house can have a significant impact on how the property is viewed. The wall coatings must look fresh and updated.

It is a job that could be done yourself. However, seeking the help of experts in external wall coatings will provide both you and the potential buyer with peace of mind that a quality job has been completed.

Hiring a wall coating company, such as Wall Coating Scotland, will mean there is one less job for you to complete. Additionally, it will help to improve the overall value of the property.

Clear The Way

Clearing the pathway so it looks pristine is one of the cheapest and effortless ways to help further enhance the curb appeal of your home. For instance, a simple power wash will rejuvenate the pathway as it removes the dirt and stains. Even clearing away any weeds and replacing any cracks on the paving stones will not only help to improve the overall look of the path but make it safer for icy weather.

Ensuring that the pathways are flat is an essential factor for those with pushchairs, wheelchairs or little toddlers. Easy access will help to increase the number of potential buyers for your property.

Upholding Your Garden

A home with a well-kept garden gives the impression that a home is well looked after. In the mind of potential buyers, a tidy and maintained exterior means a cared for interior. Also, it might help speed up the sale. Trimming back an overgrown garden does not take much work, but it drastically improves the charm and potential value of a property.

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