Did you realise when adding value: Plants Can INCREASE Property Value (by 77%)…

When trying to sell your home, you’re looking to achieve two goals:

  • You want to attract buyer interest;
  • And you want to grab the highest possible sales price.

But did you know that decorating your home and garden with flourishing plant life could do both?

Data shows that landscaping is the most effective method of increasing the resale value of a property. Improving your home’s esthetic appeal by adding plants can increase its value by up to 77%, which far outperforms other options like adding a new kitchen (26%) or building a property extension (37%) — while also costing a significantly lower sum of money. 

But what is it about plants that makes them so appealing to buyers?

Why Home-Buyers Love Plants

Indoors or outdoors, there’s nothing quite like plants for adding property value. 

Our love for property-adorning plants is a relatively new obsession. The trend began in the 2000s, with house plant purchases and landscape supply demands skyrocketing. The industry expanded by magnitudes so great that it created new billion-dollar sectors. 

The drive towards bringing plants into the home property market can be summed up very simply, although the actual reasoning behind it is a little more complex.

In short, we love them. We love being around plants; they make us happy. 

The longer and more scientific response is that plants and humans have a strong and positive relationship. The visual appeal of plants and greenery comes from their ability to activate parts of our brain responsible for the release of serotonin, a hormone that helps to induce relaxation and elevates mood.

No wonder then that buyers love plants. 

How to Increase Property Value with Plants 

Talking about the value of plants won’t help sell your home for the mouth-watering figures we’re discussing here, so how do you actually utilize plants to sell, sell, sell?

If you have available outdoor space, landscaping is undoubtedly the best way to add property value. 

For those unsure, landscaping is simply the act of developing a garden area in a distinctly visual way. It’s very much like re-decorating a house, but instead of modifying rooms, we’re looking at the external spaces. Landscaping can include adding elements like paths, decking, or water features but most typically involves adding plants and greenery to a garden. 

It should be noted that some garden landscaping jobs are easier than others. Large garden spaces are going to require more work, but those homes with limited green space and more concreted areas pose a problem as well. 

For gardens where landscaping may be difficult, outdoor planters can be a valuable alternative to traditional in-the-ground planting. Planters come in a range of styles, from sleek and modern to timeless and ornate, which means they’re ideal for any design theme you may be aiming for. Planters allow you to easily add greenery without having to perform full-scale gardening. It’s a technique commonly deployed by businesses in urban settings to landscape their property and add attractive plantlife to lure in customers — which makes it a powerful tactic you can use to attract prospective buyers. 

If you do have lots of green space and areas of natural soil, complete garden landscaping is an appealing option. Although it’s recommended you work with a professional landscaper for this kind of project, especially if you’re going for high-impact increases to property value. 

While landscaping is going to offer you the largest improvements to property value, it’s not the only way you can use plants to attract buyers and drive up the price of your home. Houseplants and indoor planters can improve the esthetic appeal of your house, in much the same way as painting and adding new furniture can. Plants add life and vibrancy to spaces, draw the eye and provide a sense of comfort. They’re great additions to any home-sale strategy and can provide fantastic finishing touches to interior design.

Indoor or out, plants really can make the difference when it comes to selling your home. 

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Daniel Peacock.

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