We are confident that your place of residence has been your safe haven for many of you reading this throughout the challenging few months we have endured as of late. Whether you are with your family in a large, rural home or are in a smaller flat in a central city location, we have spent more time than ever in these places, more time than we ever dreamed of for some of us!

With approximately 4.6 million households in the UK renting from a landlord of some sort, there is undoubtedly a lot of responsibility falling on the shoulders of some of you reading this, particularly when needing to ensure your tenants’ safety. If you are a landlord looking for ways to protect your tenants during the lockdown, read on for more!

  • Ensuring They Have Access to Anything They Need: There will be some landlords out there who have tenants living in their property who may have needed to shield throughout the duration of the pandemic as a result of being a vulnerable person. As this is the case for thousands in the country, they have been unable to leave their home for anything from general food shopping to running day-to-day errands. While there are services out there to cover this type of thing, as a landlord, this is one way to extend your support and to offer any help to your tenants when needing to access necessities.
  • Maintaining a Clean Environment: Particularly for those who are living in buildings with lots of apartments and flats, as a landlord, you want to ensure that any communal areas are thoroughly cleaned and sterile; protecting your tenants from picking up any bugs or illnesses – such as, Covid-19 – in these areas. Landlords and homeowners in general, who want to ensure that their properties are sterile and cleaned to a high standard, could consider using the services of a commercial cleaning company like Ideal Cleaning. Providing cleaning services for various residential areas, we are confident that you will find what you need. To find out more about their services and the associated prices, head to idealcleaning.co.uk.
  • Communicate Often: It is no surprise that many thousands of people have been through a challenging experience of some sort due to the pandemic. From being made redundant to losing a loved one, each person is fighting their own battle, and it can be difficult to recognise at times. If you are a landlord who directly communicates with your tenants, consider checking in on them now and again with a friendly message or phone call. Mainly for those feeling isolated, this could be some of the minimal communication they have with the outside world and is sure to be appreciated. Furthermore, you will be positively contributing to their mental health and ensuring that they are as okay as possible during times like these.

While we recognise that landlords can be extremely busy people, these are but some of the quick and simple things that you can do to benefit the tenants in your properties. They are not time-consuming, and we are confident that they will make a world of difference to your tenants’ well-being.

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Daniel Peacock.

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