Tuition fees aside, one of the biggest costs’ students will face during their time at university is the cost of their accommodation. Many students feel like their student homes are poor value for money. This is something that is very dependent on the landlord’s actions and choices. As a landlord, making your student home good value for money will make your property stand out, your rent charges more reasonable, improve student satisfaction, and will simplify the maintenance of your home. For some inspiration, here are five ways to improve the value of your student property.

Do Your Research

One of the best ways to improve the value of your student property is to do your research. When you know what students want, you will be able to adapt your house to meet these expectations. A great way to research modern student properties is by looking at the student accommodation from Student Cribs. This website lists comfortable, well-equipped student houses in university locations throughout the UK and can offer some stylish and contemporary ideas.

Start Redecorating

Redecorating your student property is guaranteed to make it stand out and boost its value. It will look great and will be loved by your student tenants. You can redecorate a student house on a budget, especially if you are happy to do some of the work yourself. They won’t be as fussy as normal tenants and the smallest features, like a modern kitchen, large windows and a fresh lick of paint will make a huge difference.

Safety and Security

Unfortunately, many student areas tend to experience high crime rates. This is because students can be easy targets. Improving how safe and secure your student accommodation is must be prioritised by landlords. Your tenants deserve to feel comfortable in their own homes and it will increase the value of your property. A registered key system and door locks that conform to BS8621, alarm systems, and safety catches on the windows is a good place to start.

Pest Control

Infestations can be common in student houses. This is mainly due to a lack of maintenance and cleanliness throughout the property. As a landlord, you should try to keep your property clean and tidy via inspections and house rules. You could even offer a weekly cleaner for the communal areas for an additional cost. If you have a pest problem, then getting in a professional team to deal with the infestation is the best route.

Fittings and Furnishings

When viewing a property, students need to have a clear idea of what is and what isn’t included. When you have a well-designed, furnished property with plenty of space and storage, students won’t have to move in any furniture, which could damage the property and ruin its appearance. You should also consider getting new appliances that are of good quality and efficient, as this will save you and your tenants money in the long run.

Improving the value of your student home will make it stand out and boost your feedback. It will also encourage your tenants to respect you and their home, so they feel like they are getting good value for money.

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