Buying a home can be incredibly expensive and that is why prospective property owners are always hunting for good deals where they can save money. In addition to getting a good deal, other factors can help you save money as you purchase a new home. Below, we are going to explore these factors.

Hire an Experienced Estate Agent

A local real estate agent will save you a lot of time and money. They know which properties are good deals and which ones are not. Additionally, they ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and will negotiate some things in the contract so you end up with the best deal possible.

While you might consider not hiring an agent so that you do not have to pay commission, know that it will likely hurt you in the long run. The expertise and experience the agent has are irreplaceable and, as a buyer, you do not have to pay commission to the agent; the seller often does this.

Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score determines how much interest a mortgage lender will offer you if you decide to take a mortgage. A good credit score means a lower interest rate which means the mortgage will be cheaper than if you had a poor credit score. A good credit score also makes it easier to find a lender so it would be best to start improving your credit score as soon as you start thinking about purchasing a home.

Consider Concessionary Purchase Options

A concessionary purchase is where a property is sold below its market value. This often happens when a landlord decides to sell their property to a long-time tenant or someone decides to sell to a family member at below-market rates. Because of the lower selling price of these properties, there is a potential to save a lot of money.

Concessionary purchases are becoming increasingly common as are concessionary purchase mortgages. Mortgage providers are also becoming more open to offering mortgages for concessionary purchases, with the circumstances under which the property is being sold being the biggest determinant of whether you will get the mortgage or not. Mortgage Experts Online, a company that introduces prospective property owners to FCA regulated companies, has an exhaustive guide on understanding concessionary purchase mortgages. If you have trouble finding the right mortgage, talk to the Mortgage Experts Online as they will introduce you to expert mortgage advisors to help you out.

Consider Homes That Need Some Work

Many of the people looking to purchase a home need one that they can move into as soon as the deal is done. Homes that are in top shape, with the latest upgrades and appliances, will cost a lot more.

To save some money, consider homes that need a bit of work. Adding appliances, fixtures, curtain rods or even new tiles in the bathroom is relatively easy and you will end up saving a bunch. Remember to quantify the work that needs to be done so you do not end up with a more expensive house when you add the cost of the work to be done to the amount you paid for the house.

Although purchasing a home can be costly, being smart about it will save you some money. Try to find deals that are favourable for your bank account and don’t be afraid to find a house that needs a  little work.

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