We’re all in this together, and that’s a good thing.

With social distancing an inconvenient but necessary reality of life, for the time being, we have to take into account how this affects those living and managing luxury apartment communities and how those communities are coming to terms with the current crisis.

The good news is that luxury apartment residents are doing their part to “flatten the curve” and management do what they can to support residents with social distancing efforts.

Managing awareness of social distancing guidelines

There is a delicate balance between keeping informed and driving yourself nuts following every bit of news reported through the course of a day. One way luxury apartment management can help is by recommending that residents not subject themselves to the deluge of information—both factual and fake—on social media.

Instead, management helps by sending a single email once a day with the most useful and relevant information for that community provided by fact-checked local government sources.

Keep clean and carry on

The purpose of social distancing is to protect each other from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. To do that, luxury apartment communities take care to conduct extra cleaning and sanitising procedures in all areas of the community, including public areas such as gyms, libraries, and recreational amenities. It can also mean the temporary closing of some elevators or stairwells as they receive extra-attentive sanitising.

Making sacrifices

Apartment community residents can also take steps to manage social distancing by understanding that right now, we’re all making sacrifices.

Whether the sacrifice comes in the form of staying home and entertaining oneself, keeping safe distances from others. At the same time, shopping, wearing masks, or exercising in the living room instead of the gym, efforts made now will save everyone more grief later.

Socialising online

Where once sheltering in and maintaining social distance might have meant not seeing or interacting with another soul for days on end, services such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and others allow residents still to enjoy face time with friends and loved ones.

Some luxury apartment communities have used videoconferencing technology to organise fun group events. Hosted concerts, shared Netflix viewings, and game nights have all become popular past times apartment communities are learning to enjoy.

Extra supplies

We’ve all seen the pictures of supermarket shelves bare of toilet paper and other necessities. It can be frustrating trying to stay appropriately supplied while distribution networks are strained.

Luxury apartment management understands that little things can mean a lot, which is why many apartment communities maintain a stock of simple packaged food, water, paper goods, and personal hygiene products for residents who find themselves short. Some luxury apartment managements aren’t even waiting to be asked, but are delivering little care packages to residents regularly.

Plans for financial concerns

Luxury apartment management understands that during this period of social distancing and sheltering-in that many people are not working or are experiencing some form of income disruption. Rent might be late. Maintenance fees might be delayed.

No one wants to see anyone stressed out. Many apartment community managers are more than willing to work with residents in deferring payment until such a time as life returns to normal. Some communities have already made residents aware of such programs. If yours haven’t, just give them a call and see what can be worked out.

This, too, will pass

There’s an Old English poem first written down in the 10th century called “Deor” in which the poet goes through a list of trials and hardships he and others have gone through. After each stanza, the poet states, “That has come to pass, and so will this.”

Life will return to normal. Social distancing and sheltering-in are temporary inconveniences we make now so that everyone can be healthy and secure in the end. While these measures are challenging for many luxury apartment residents, management and your neighbours have your back.

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