So this is how it feels to be on lockdown?

We are on lockdown aren’t we? Amidst uncertainty over these last couple of weeks I actually feel the government guidelines have been quite clear. Stay at home when possible, don’t go out and don’t socialise and please try to minimise the spread of this virus so you a) don’t catch it/give it and b) allow the NHS can cope.

Quite simple? No? I suppose providing the people the option to take the law into their own hands was only going to end this way? We’ve had our chance. Time has now come that the law is to be taken away from the people. Behave or be fined.

I also have to commend Rishi & Boris for their support in trying to keep us uplifted through various plans to financially incentives us. It seems the UK have been given an open chequebook to get us through this?

It seems whatever your business you will get support. Wherever you live you will get help. Which is only right considering what they are asking us to do.

I’m not going to bore you with the ins and outs with what you can rightfully claim or not as I’m sure you’ve been inundated with news and information already.

But I would suggest having a read of the HMRC website if you do have concerns?

What I would like to do though is provide you with a bit of ammunition (for free) to help you get through these next few weeks…

That’s why I’ve listed our free easy-to-use tools below with some magnificent free guides to increase your education in property investment over the next few weeks in lockdown.

All our books can be downloaded in PDF format and you can right click and save them to your desktop or device at any time to read online.

We hope in a few weeks that things will return back to normal and you’ll be active in the market again looking for the best property deals to suit your investment portfolio but until then.. Enjoy our advice and please stay indoors… And feel free (for free) to read our books!!!

Property Renovation Secrets Guide with accompanying Spreadsheet

Property Secrets Exclusive Series

I hope you enjoy!

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Daniel Peacock.

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