When thinking about home improvements, we often forget about whether they will increase the resale value of our property by a similar (or greater) amount than the cost itself. Sometimes, we just get so caught up in the moment that we fail to think about it, but it’s important to do so.

To get you mulling over the type of improvements that convert better than average, here are four suggestions to consider.

Create an Extension

Creating an extension is a great way to increase the space in your home. The interior layout can be updated, such as knocking a wall through to create a larger, open-plan living area to enjoy.

With an extension, usually you’d add a sub-base and then pour a concrete floor. It may be a screed floor that is required which mixes concrete and sand. A company like MixIt can deliver a ready mixed concrete product for this type of flooring requirement to London and parts of Essex too. They have state-of-the-art facilities to produce a consistently high-quality cement every time for stronger flooring and foundation solutions. If this sounds like something you want to do to your home, you can find out more at www.mixit.co.uk.

Turn the Cellar into an Extra Living Space

If you have a large enough cellar, then it’s worth considering if it can be successfully converted into a new basement living space. When it’s already a big enough space to convert it, then you’re dealing with clearing it out, waterproofing and other steps to get the square footage up to a liveable standard.

However, if the cellar lacks the depth required, then it’s a much larger job including structural concerns, excavation, and water management to turn it into a usable space.

The latter is always far more work than anticipated than the former. So, for money-returning improvements, we’d look at converting an existing cellar and not the excavation option in most cases.

Add a Conservatory

A conservatory is an excellent way to extend a living space while bringing in natural light. Given the UK’s variable weather, it’s also an appealing option because it lets you enjoy a greater sense of the outdoors without needing to worry as much about the weather forecast.

There are different decisions when it comes to adding a conservatory. The building materials, such as uPVC, aluminium or other materials, are a factor. It needs to be large enough for multiple people to relax in (it’s easy to select something too small). Also, it’s important to select a self-cleaning and anti-glare glass to increase the comfort level and reduce the hassle factor.

Implementing a New Bathroom

When a bathroom has a dated or weathered style that won’t cut it with a resale, then it may be advisable to scrap the older style bathroom and get a whole new one fitted.

Certainly, the style of modern bathrooms has changed considerably in recent years. When people visit the property to look over the property listing in person, one of the first things they’ll pick up is if the bathroom is inferior. While replacing the bathroom may not add to the valuation directly, it will most likely avoid receiving a reduced offer due to the potential buyer factoring in the replacement cost of a new one.

Whenever you make significant changes or upgrades to a home, always keep an eye on the value-added. It’s easy to go overboard, invest too much and not see a return beyond a more desirable living space while you’re residing there.

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