Whilst a traditional aesthetic is attractive for a large proportion of consumers, the feeling of owning and putting your own stamp on a new build can vastly outweigh the appeal of older, more traditional houses. Not only are they becoming more desirable, especially for first-time buyers, but new builds offer many unexpected benefits.

From their general appearance to saving money with innovative fittings, Matthew Firth, the Managing Director at Granville Developments, shares what he feels are some of the top benefits to buying a new build.

  1. Security

Security is arguably the most important aspect to any home; as new owners, we want to feel safe and with new builds boasting higher levels of security built in as standard, this offers an impressive sense of protection.

From sealed windows to security cameras, the quality of protection for home owners is continuing to rise. Granville Developments are prioritising safety across all of their developments; with advancements in burglar alarms, doorbell cameras and general door access, new build owners can have confidence that they’ll be safe.

  1. Bill costs

One crucial detail that often shocks first-time home owners is the soaring price of utility bills. Heating, electricity and water, on top of your everyday necessities, can equate to worryingly high costs. However, materials used to develop new-build properties help to bring costs down. For example, double glazed windows and insulated rooves help to keep the heat in, allowing your home to fill with warmth without you having to keep the heating on for as long!

  1. DIY

When it comes to purchasing a home, large-scale DIY projects aren’t uncommon. It’s very rare for a pre-loved property to be close to perfect when moving in, requiring your money and time to be spent when making these changes.

New builds however allow you to have your say. From hanging shelves to choosing fittings, you can work with your developer to create a home made perfectly for you.

  1. Maintenance

Repairs and often arise at the most unexpected times, leaving us in a panic. Unfortunately, with older homes these problems occur more frequently.

This is an important point to highlight as new builds are developed to be stronger and long-lasting, greatly decreasing the need for maintenance work. Using the latest technology and materials, and with everything being fully tested, you can be assured that quality standards are high.

  1. Modern designs

Another benefit of new builds incorporates design; homes are now already matching the lifestyle demands of consumers with open-plan kitchens, walk-in wardrobes and master bathrooms.

Having this luxury already fitted within your home takes a lot of work off your hands, creating the perfect home straight away.

For more information about Granville Developments, please visit: www.granville.co.uk

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