When showing your home to prospective buyers or tenants, making a great first impression is key. As a matter of fact, 84% of property purchasers agree that how they feel when they walk through the front door is the most important factor in deciding whether or not to buy a house, according to a OnePoll survey published in Strutt & Parker. So, it’s clear that your entrance hall really can make — or break — your sale.

Here, we’ve shared ways to make your hallway a more appealing space to potential buyers to help you reach your asking price and sell your home as quickly as possible. Just read on to learn how you can create a beautifully appointed entrance hall that will blow your visitors away.

Pay attention to the front door

Your viewers need to be impressed from the minute they approach your property. If your front door is looking worse for wear with peeling or faded paint and damaged fittings, it won’t just make a bad impression: it will make your viewer wonder what other aspects of your home are out-of-date, too. So, give your door a lick of glossy paint, replace any rusty door knockers or house numbers, and make sure that letter boxes and other fittings are in full working order.

If you have a front garden or pathway, remember to give this area some TLC, too. Pathways or doorsteps should be clean and free from weeds. Adding a pair of shrubs, trees or colourful flower planters on either side of your door will immediately make your home feel more inviting to visitors, too.

Replace any worn or grubby flooring

Once they’ve stepped over the threshold, buyers will be quick to notice if the floor or carpet is worn or grubby. In a high traffic area of the home, like the hallway, this can be an issue, so you may need to get your carpet professionally steam cleaned if it’s looking worse for wear. If your flooring is seriously stained or worn, then cover problem areas with a carpet runner or rug.

The area directly in front of your doorway can be especially susceptible to damage, so, if it’s beyond repair, you can also replace the worn area with a fitted door mat. For added wow-factor, you could even frame your mat with a threshold in a stylish finish, which will give your entrance a sophisticated, expensive look. This collection of matt well frames from Stair Rods Direct comes in a selection of finishes, so you can pick a style to suit the rest of your décor. If you’re renting your home out to tenants, this is also a great way to future-proof your flooring against long-term damage.

Remove clutter and keep things organised

Buyers will struggle to picture themselves in your home if your personal belongings are cluttering up the entrance hall. So, make sure there’s no post on the mat or littering any side tables, and limit the number of personal belongings that you have on display.

You’ll also want to remove any shoes or coats that are cluttering up your porch or hallway and store them out of sight in a cupboard or wardrobe. If space is at a premium in your home, find an unobtrusive way to keep your shoes out of your guests eyeline: these slimline shoe cabinets from Store are stylish way to keep your porch or hallway tidy without taking up too much space.

Decorate with light, airy neutrals and simple accessories

As any property developer worth their salt knows, neutral decor can make a world of difference when trying to sell a house. Buyers and tenants see these colours as a blank canvas for their own creative ideas. Light shades — like white, cream, or soft grey — can make your space feel much more spacious, too. So, if you’re looking for a quick sale, you’ll want to paint your entrance hall in a lighter shade. Then, accessorise your space and add flashes of colour with a few low-cost accessories, like rugs, houseplants, mirrors and candles.

If you’re hoping to sell or let your house as soon as possible, then follow these tips to make sure your home makes a great impression on buyers. Remember, we have plenty more advice around selling and letting your home, so take a look at our property development blog to find more tips that will help you to sell up as quickly as possible.

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