Contrary to the popular phrase, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. When it comes to real estate, first impressions do count and they could be a determining factor. It is the first thing that potential tenants will see and ultimately judge, but if a property doesn’t look good on the outside they might be put off renting.

It has been found that 93% of the nation are more likely to attend a viewing if the property exterior is well maintained and 25% would be willing to pay more. These statistics are reflected in rental properties, meaning if you increase your curb appeal, tenants will be willing to pay higher rates.

Commercial decorators, Markwell Peck, know how making small changes to the exterior can transform your property. Here are their tips on how to improve your curb appeal.


An easy and affordable way to add depth to the look of a property is with plants. Choosing versatile, low maintenance plants require little upkeep but can add a lot of character. From simple hanging baskets to elegant climbers, plants will all give the property varied looks, full of bright colours. Whilst also being visually pleasing, the plants spread a fresh, homely scent, immediately drawing in any viewers.

Grand Entrance

One of the key focal point to any property is its entrance. As soon as any potential viewers walk up to a house, they’re greeted with a front entrance, which needs to have an inviting presence. You can achieve this by adding details surrounding the door, from large pillars to small decorative light fixtures. You can also play with colour, a coat of paint can go a long way in transforming the look of a property. It’s also good to remember any hedges or plants that block the doorway should be trimmed back creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Naming or numbering the house

For such a small detail, either naming the property or giving it a clear number can create a homely feel for any viewer. Spending the time to decorate an area where the house number can be put will add to the house’s features and demonstrate how well looked after the property is. If the number is old and rotten it could set the tone for how the viewing will go. Remember, if it doesn’t look good on the outside, tenants may be put off.


Another crucial component to a property’s appearance is the windows. People’s eyes will be instantly drawn to any smudges or cracks in the windows. Ensure that they are well kept and regularly cleaned, to give your property a gleaming look. You can also add accents to the windows such as shutters, which can add extra character and transform the overall appearance of the property.

Protecting the Walls

The appearance and condition of your exterior walls is just as important as the ones on the inside, so having them treated by experts is recommended. A great way of weather proofing your walls and removing any chippings or markings is sandblasting. Markwell Peck use specialised equipment that gives the property a new lease of life, allowing for a fresh coat of paint. This task should be done by the professionals with the right tools to ensure it is done properly and effectively, so avoid tackling the job yourself.

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