People often believe PVCu windows look cheap and outdated and therefore opt for timber or wood windows instead, as a seemingly more appealing option. But, more recently, window manufactures have created new PVCu windows, that are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional PVCu, whilst keeping the benefits that PVCu windows are well known for, such as cost effectiveness, durability, and security making them a great choice when replacing windows.


Not only will choosing PVCu save money on the cost of the window, they will help you to cut down on household bills too, as they are very energy efficient. They are fantastic insulators, so they keep all the warm air inside and let no drafts into your property. Also, they are not conductive, meaning they do not pass on heat, which reduces the fluctuation in temperature inside your property, therefore reducing heating and energy costs.


Unlike timber, PVCu windows are extremely durable and do not rot or warp so will last for years. Meaning no need to replace them unlike other options and therefore, saving money in the long run.


PVCu windows don’t need to look cheap and outdated anymore! There are a variety of great looking options on offer – such as block colours (like contemporary greys or blacks) or if you still want the wood-look, you can choose frames with woodgrain effects, such as mahogany or rosewood.


As a property owner you should always be cautious when it comes to security. PVCu windows will give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your property secure. Their frames are very sturdy making them extremely difficult to damage or break through.


Do you enjoy a lie in on a Sunday morning? Don’t let your neighbours disturb you by using PVCu windows, they are able to cut down up to 70% of external noise.


Apart from a wipe with a cloth and some soapy water to clean it every now and again, PVCu requires practically no upkeep at all. Compared to wooden window frames which need to be treated and re-painted regularly, making it a more convenient and time-saving option.

If you’re thinking of installing PVCu windows in your property, Quickslide Trade Windows & Doors would be a great company to get in touch with as they will design, manufacture and install them for you.

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