Birmingham is becoming one of the best places for property investment in the UK, and is now even becoming known all around the world for the investment opportunity that it possesses. In 2016, Birmingham was announced as the 6th best place in Europe in relation to investment prospects in the PwC and Urban Land Institute Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, of which London was not in the top 10 positions.

Much like various other cities within the UK, Birmingham has been subject to fantastic regeneration projects, with billions of pounds being invested into the city, with the aim of developing both residential and retail areas, as well as transport links. With the HS2 rail line being introduced in 2026, connecting Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds to London, the city of Birmingham is certainly an attractive prospect for investors.

Birmingham as a UK Business Hub

Birmingham is becoming one of those cities in the UK where everybody wants to be. Whether that is individuals, young professionals or even big organisations, Birmingham is a very attractive place to go to, with the business and shopping districts both booming, as well as 5% increases to property prices. Many businesses are looking to move into the area, with HSBC, Deutsche Bank and HMRC amongst some of the most notable bringing thousands of members of staff to the area. With such fantastic business prospects, investors from the south are looking at Birmingham as a safer option to London, and as a way of generating higher profit levels.

In particular, HS2 is offering businesses fantastic opportunities to relocate their business to Birmingham, reducing expenses whilst still being connected to London. Office space take up is currently as record high levels, the economy is continuously growing and shopping centres are being transformed – all combining to make Birmingham a very attractive place for investors.

Residential Areas of Birmingham Experiencing Regeneration

Birmingham is currently experiencing fantastic levels of regeneration to various parts of the city, with many developments catering to office space, retail space and commercial property. However, one of the most impressive parts of Birmingham’s mass regeneration is the thousands of homes that are set to be built. With an increasingly large population, new homes are being built to cater to new businesses and their workforces, as well as providing better housing throughout the city.

The city appears to be taking on a new appearance, with a refreshing amount of luxury houses being added to the area, bringing in a wave of wealthy individuals and families. As well as this, Birmingham has also become a university hotspot, and with record numbers of students going to university each year, the city is adapting to ensure that they can live and study there. With this in mind, more and more students coming to the area each year will help to boost the economy and develop the city as a whole.

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