Tips on Adding Value to Your Rental Property

Every investor enters the world of property investment with the aim of getting the most out of their buy-to-let investment as possible, and so finding ways to help to increase this can often feel like a dream come true. Improving your property and what it has to offer can really […]

The Realities of Being a Pension Pot Landlord

Property has long been an attractive prospect for those seeking a retirement income, even if they already had a pension. Over recent years, low interest rates, the cost of buying an annuity for even a moderate income and the uncertainty, not to say volatility, of the stock market has made […]

Non-UK Landlords to be Taxed on Profits from UK Property Investment

Despite being designed to attract investment from overseas investors over 50 years ago, a tax policy is set to be withdrawn following the announcements within the recent budget. Creating widespread disapproval, the Chancellor has revealed that non-UK residents will be subject to UK tax charges when selling their residential and […]