Pension Hunters Driving Buy-To-Let Property Investments

Buy-to-let has been a prime property market for many over a long period of time, but none more so than the so-called pension ‘pot-hunters’ who now seem to be driving the market. Research shows that despite efforts by the government to make the buy-to-let world a less attractive one, there […]

Call for UK Chancellor to Switch Stamp Duty from Buyers to Sellers

Stamp duty has long been a contentious issue for property investors and home owners alike. This has lead to renewed calls for the Chancellor to scrap stamp duty in his next budget, whilst others feel that it should be switched from the responsibility of the buyer to that of the […]

Home Sweet Home – Creating a Welcoming Property

Property renovation can seem like a straight-forward prospect: do somewhere up and sell it on for a higher price than you bought it for. In essence this is absolutely right, but the difference between success and failure can come down to the impression the property makes on prospective buyers. The […]

First Impressions Count When Showcasing Rental Property

First impressions last so make sure your rental property impresses for success with this simple six-step guide from the experts at Belvoir “As you only get one opportunity to make a great first impression it’s important to showcase a rental property’s potential from the very beginning of its marketing journey,” […]

Homebuyer’s property checklist

Our friends at AA Insurance have provided us with some of the most important answers to the most needed questions when it comes to buying a property. Of course, first impressions count when you’re buying a new home or moving house. You’re picturing how you’ll furnish each room, which shades […]

Private Residence Relief: When HMRC’s ‘Off-Plan’ Arguments Were Off Target

Mark McLaughlin looks at a private residence relief case involving an individual’s delay moving into a dwelling whilst it was being built. The extent to which capital gains tax (CGT) principal private residence (PPR) relief is available on the disposal of an individual’s only or main residence is straightforward to […]

Impact Of New Cash Basis On Tenant Deposits Explained

Lindsey Wicks examines the tax treatment for landlords of security deposits. The tax treatment of security deposits received by landlords has been thrown into the spotlight by the consultation on the cash basis becoming the default method of taxation for eligible unincorporated property businesses, which was expected to be introduced […]