If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or patio area, no matter how small, it’s always good to give it a mini makeover every now and again to keep it all in order. Nature can quickly take hold and things can get out of control before you know it! As summer comes to a close and prime gardening season falls behind us, it’s easy to start neglecting your garden once those colder months roll in. If you’re someone who likes pottering in the garden all year-round, or if you’re looking for ways to keep your garden looking trim over the autumn and winter months, here are some top tips to keep everything looking neat and attractive, whatever the weather. If you commit to the hard work now, then you can sit back and enjoy looking out the window into your garden, or sitting out if the sun does make an appearance!

Paint Your Garden Happy

Tired old woodwork and cracked ceramics can instantly make a garden feel neglected and tired. Give your shed a makeover with some weatherproof paint and your own creativity! Dark colours will stand the test of time, but lighter colours will give your garden zest and add a little bit of sunshine. Whatever colour you go for, it will look instantly smarter with a fresh lick of paint. This also applies to old plant pots you may have lying around – painting these will add a pop of colour to your outdoor space and is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Get your friends and family involved and get creative! This is an especially good activity if you have older children – they can make their own plant pots, handprint part of your shed, or decorate by painting their favourite flowers!

Weed Them Out

Weeds can quickly get out of hand when left to their own devices, and this is something you regularly need to be on top of or it could be a costly removal process! Purchase some strong weed killer from your local garden centre or DIY store and you’ll be on your way in no time. This is great for weeds that grow between pavement cracks or patio stones. If you have plants and flowers growing, grab your trowel and spend a couple of hours one weekend digging them all up! No weeds with instantly make your garden look neater and more groomed.

Introduce Planters

Introducing planters to your garden is a great way to bring colour and life into dedicated spots. These are also great for people who only have a balcony or patio and wish to create a space with greenery in it! Planters keep everything neat and tidy and are the perfect next step up from plant pots, or you can plant things in them directly from the beginning and watch your hard work pay off. Wooden planters will create a very natural look and will add a homely look, whereas aluminium and herb planters offer more practical look. Planters can also be placed in any space as they are compact and easy to look after, and will be an attractive addition to your outdoor space.

Feed The Birds

If you love wildlife, what better way to spruce up your outdoor space than introducing some beautiful birds to it. Bird feeders and bird feed start at very low prices at your local pet store or supermarket and only need to be placed on a tree branch to attract wild birds! If you wanted to take it to the next step, why not go for a birdhouse which will allow birds to rest and eat, or even a birdbath where your feathered friends can take care of themselves in the water. You don’t have to be a professional bird watcher to relish in the birds visiting your garden. Bird watching can also be very relaxing as you watch the birds go about their day!

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