Seven-bed mansion or one-bed flat?

What the average London property price can buy you around the world Londoners could move abroad and swap their one-bed flats for a seven-bedroom mansion complete with swimming pool, new research has revealed. The investigation, commissioned by international money transfer experts, Foreign Exchange, found that homes in ten cites around […]

Is buy-to-let still a good investment since Brexit?

It’s very hard to make before and after comparisons when multiple variables change at once. Over recent years, a fair number of changes have hit the buy-to-let market, from the tax “triple whammy” to regulatory changes such as the “right to rent” scheme and, of course, the prospect of Brexit […]

The General Election Result – What could it mean for the UK property market?

The great British public seem to be getting very good at delivering surprises. In the 2015 election, pollsters expected a hung parliament and saw the Conservatives achieve a narrow, but workable, majority. In the 2016 referendum, pollsters expected remain and saw leave achieve the narrowest of wins. In the 2017 […]