Liverpool named as best place in the UK for rental yields by new study

We all know the old property adage: “location, location, location”, but in the light of the current situation in the buy-to-let market, it’s worth reiterating it and emphasizing its importance. Location can not only determine the long-term profitability of an investment, but whether the risk involved is appropriate for any […]

Is The Global Property Market Bubble Bursting?

For investors, the global property market has long been an exciting prospect, but this feeling is now disappearing at a rapid rate. With the combination of high property prices and low interest rates it looks as though the market has reached a point where it cannot go any higher. Affordability […]

Seven-bed mansion or one-bed flat?

What the average London property price can buy you around the world Londoners could move abroad and swap their one-bed flats for a seven-bedroom mansion complete with swimming pool, new research has revealed. The investigation, commissioned by international money transfer experts, Foreign Exchange, found that homes in ten cites around […]

Is buy-to-let still a good investment since Brexit?

It’s very hard to make before and after comparisons when multiple variables change at once. Over recent years, a fair number of changes have hit the buy-to-let market, from the tax “triple whammy” to regulatory changes such as the “right to rent” scheme and, of course, the prospect of Brexit […]

The General Election Result – What could it mean for the UK property market?

The great British public seem to be getting very good at delivering surprises. In the 2015 election, pollsters expected a hung parliament and saw the Conservatives achieve a narrow, but workable, majority. In the 2016 referendum, pollsters expected remain and saw leave achieve the narrowest of wins. In the 2017 […]

10 Ways To Cut Your Property Tax Bill

If you want to be a successful landlord, you’ve got to be tax efficient. Portico London estate agents ask the experts, including seasoned landlord Richard Blanco, for 10 legitimate ways to reduce your bill. 1. Expense, expense, expense The first step in making your property tax efficient is knowing what […]

UK mortgage market reaches highest peak since UK economic crisis

It’s probably fair to say that the mortgage market drives the UK housing market. Of course, there are cash-rich investors, who can buy property without finance, but they are the minority. Generally speaking, therefore, the health of the UK mortgage market is a very good indicator of the health of […]

North of England sees considerable Urban House Price Growth

The north of England continues to be the UK’s most exciting prospect for property investors as London and the south continue to slow. The Hometrack Index shows overall growth but with significant regional differences In quarter one 2017, the Hometrack Index showed nationwide house price growth of 5.7% year-on-year and […]

UK House Prices fall but still reasons to be positive

With everything which has been happening in the UK recently, it’s hardly a surprise that the housing market as a whole has taken something of a battering. It’s also hardly a surprise that some people are getting nervous about the prospect of house prices entering a downward spiral, or even […]

Why London’s falling rents is good news for the North

The UK has long had a substantial rental market, hence the interest in buy-to-let investment. As is generally the case with any branch of the UK property market, however, in reality the national rental market is effectively a patchwork of local markets, which just happen to be in the same […]