Liverpool is one of the UK’s most culturally and economically important cities outside of London. It is also one of the country’s most popular markets for investment in rental properties. With the government working hard to accelerate economic growth in the North and yield compression and high prices pushing more and more investors out of London, the popularity of Liverpool as a buy-to-let hotspot is only growing right now.

One of the key reasons to invest in Liverpool’s rental sector is the very good yields on offer in the city. Liverpool has long had a reputation as a high-yielding buy-to-let market, and this is not expected to change any time soon. Right now, it is one of the country’s highest yielding markets, thanks to low prices and proportionally high rents. Demand is high as well, thanks to a large and fast-growing population and a shortfall in supply, which means that vacant properties tend to fill quickly.

Potential for growth in the value of a property investment is also exceptionally strong in Liverpool at the moment. Property prices are expected to rise significantly across the UK in the coming years and even decades, and Liverpool is a market that seems poised to be at the forefront of this capital growth. The Northern Powerhouse initiatives are set to expand the economic strength of Northern cities, of which Liverpool is one of the most notable, and increase the role they play in the nation’s economy. A number of major infrastructure projects and regeneration initiatives are planned for the city in the near and mid-term future, all of which are likely to impact positively on the city’s property market in one way or another.

The city’s population is also rising; thanks to increasing numbers of job opportunities in what is already an employment hotspot, a low cost of living, and constant regeneration and improvement making the city an ever more attractive place to live. The natural consequence of higher demand is, of course, appreciation in value, and that is exactly what many of the investors currently buying in the city hope for over the coming years.

Another attraction of Liverpool for investors in rental properties is the sheer variety of opportunities on offer. Both the core residential and commercial sectors are strong, with a full range of tenants. On the residential side, properties targeting young professionals, couples and families all benefit from strong market, and on the commercial side the same is true for all kinds of offices and industrial spaces. Niche, specialist, and alternative property types – again, both residential and commercial – also perform well in the city. The student market, in particular, is exceptionally strong at the moment thanks to the presence of multiple popular universities in the city, a trend of fast-rising student numbers, and a nationwide shortage of student beds.

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