If you’d have been on the front line with active property investors in 2008 when the market fell off a cliff…

You’d have seen virtually every investor in the market gunned down and white & pasty with fear and panic:

Debt/money stuck in properties, remortgaging-‘free’-money-out now completely dead, the millions borrowed to buy properties for nothing disappearing as the prices fell vertically and well respected investors going bust like popcorn –

One-after-the-other-after-the-other like the US banks.

But that brought about a once-in-a-lifetime [& slightly weird] opportunity that creative investors have cashed in big on in the new investing age

But back to that in a minute…

So I watched through a window like a peeping Tom as this all kicked-off; young/new/naive enough now to know what it really meant;

Until Now.

Like an Apocalypse the market was wiped clean, the rubble moved away and everyone started again. Everyone was in then out. The start up newbie and equal to the Guru’s, Goliaths & pension funds. And it created the most fertile soil for the best results based property investing we’ll ever see for at least 2 decades either side of ’08.

You see the ideological dream for any property investor is to *buy-low-sell-high*

Or if you have a hold strategy:*buy-low-for-income-hold-forever*

And that was never the reality pre-crash, because prices were too high and yield/income was too low/negative. Everyone was buying ‘free paper money’ and raising 100% debt just because they could.

And it wasn’t real.

But now, and/or just before the property market started to go crazy again, you really can buy at realistic prices, with genuine discounts from motivated vendors, with net cashflow/incomes,  that rent fast and have room to grow. And are growing fast.

I.e: the time everyone has been waiting for is here and now.

In fact it’s been here and now since 2008, but the main problem [until now] for most Voyeurs sitting on their hands has been lack of finance and waiting for some kind of confidence or recovery.

So what are they/you waiting for?

The sun, moon and planets are aligning my friend. NOW.

People are now moaning that prices are too high [insert ironic facial expression]…

They’re now moaning about over confidence & over competition.

Everything they prayed for came true and they’re still not happy.

In a decade of investing, seeing a full cycle in the market, and chewing the fat with my partners and mentors who’ve seen 3 full cycles, we are in unanimous agreement that this is the full eclipse

This is the best, most planetary aligned opportunity we have ever seen in decades. Prices are still low enough. You can still get good discounts, even in London, even if you think you can’t. Finance is loosening, every Entrepreneur/Angel/Investor wants to lend you money the banks won’t pay interest on. The properties still  cashflow [until prices get too high]. There’s a huge housing shortage so rents are strong and voids are low. Prices are starting to shoot up so people are making big money again with very little work. Remnants of the pre-crash free money.

We’re in a very unique worm-hole market, and the black hole opening will not last forever. The consensus prediction from the smartest investor minds I know who are actually doing it is that we have 24 months or less to really cash in on this unprecedented opportunity.

So what are you going to do my friend?

Are you going to be like most others who are waiting for the perfect opportunity that you miss them all?

Are you going to let those excuses of time/money/knowledgerob you blind of your biggest chance of your life to make those income and lifestyle dreams come true?

Or are you going to jump. Jump without being 100% ready with one eye closed one eye open with perhaps some blind faith that you can do it too. You can do it now. Without all the proof but with all the belief and opportunity.

When all is said and done, more is said that done – so what are you going to do?

We’re with you all the way my friend. This journey is exhilarating if a little fast and frenzied. But you’re about to condense a decade or two of ‘normal’ results into 12-24 months, and then the worm-hole may shut for another 20 years.

Go do something. Don’t wait.

Good Investing

Mark Homer

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