Property Auctions – Is Cash King?

How to go about obtaining the necessary funds to purchase a property from an auction all depends on what you intend to do with it once you’ve bought it. For example, if you intend to sell the property quickly for profit, you would be unwise to tangle yourself up in, […]

A Cunning Plan

Robert Allen, author and self-made property millionaire, in his excellent book Nothing Down for the 1990’s, suggests an interesting plan by which we can all retire early and live off a plentiful supply of untaxed income. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, actually, it probably is, although […]

Key Phrases at Property Auction

Guide Price Range Each lot will usually have a guide price or, more likely, a guide price range. For example, ‘£150,000 – £170,000’. This figure normally refers to what the auctioneer thinks the lot will sell for at the event but can occasionally refer to their perception of the property’s […]

How To Decide Which Properties To Buy

A few years ago I surprised even myself: I’d completed on one property, I’d another completing shortly, and had offers accepted on fourteen others. After a period of selling to rid the portfolio of the less-well performing properties, when all these purchases would be in the bag, I’d have doubled […]

5 Tips – Selling your House

First Impressions Count Consider the first impressions. ‘Kerb appeal’ is the expression that’s most often used to describe how a property should look to buyers seeing it for the first time. What you are really aiming for is a property that looks well-maintained and is clean and tidy. Buyers want […]

Using ‘Other Peoples Money’ to buy Property

“It’s the law of supply and demand. Real estate, especially residential property, is a commodity that is in critical shortage and for which there is enormous demand. It is a necessity, not a luxury. People can’t print up 100,000 new homes as they might print up a stock offering. That’s […]