What to do when your Managing Agent isn’t performing

If your managing agent isn’t doing their job properly, what steps can you take to rectify the situation? Mnaaging AgentsJohn Peartree of the Federation of Private Residents’ Associations (FPRA) advises that there are a number of approaches to the problem. Residents fall out with managing agents for a huge number […]

Subsidence: How to spot it and how to stop it

What exactly is subsidence? Subsidence happens when the soil under a building gets drier and starts to shrink. It’s a very common problem on clay soils and on gravel. This shrinkage can cause a building to move. There are a number of possible causes and the most common is the […]

Property Development: Going Eco

Eco-friendly refurbishment used to seem like an expensive and difficult option, with just a few, usually expensive, eco-friendly products on the market and little demand from buyers or tenants. Eco-friendly property developmentThe tide is turning, however, and as environmental issues become increasingly acute, and utility bills spiral ever upwards, tenants […]

Signing Tenancy Agreements in advance – is it legal?

Experienced landlords like to put some degree of certainty into their lettings by having renewal agreements signed weeks or months in advance, thereby guaranteeing the continuance of rental income beyond the current tenancy expiry date. Tenancy Agreements This article explores the legalities of this practice and considers whether either the […]