Property development is not a lottery. Regardless of your background, with the right skills and discipline, you can minimise your risk and make great returns on property development.

When you look at the different types and kinds of people from all walks of life that have successfully made money by developing property, the answer is a resounding “YES”. You can do it too.

The key to success is knowing and following the secrets of the successful property developers, people who have made great money in good markets and still made fair returns in bad markets.

Many people have made money without applying these principles and rules. However, if you apply these principles and rules consistently for a sustained period, you will decrease your risk and make more money than if you operate without guidance or a plan.

Unfortunately, risk is inherent in any venture, but if you speak to the top people they are very ‘risk conscious’ as opposed to ‘risk averse’. In other words, they accept that risk is part of business, but they are focused on constantly minimising their risk. Anyone who wishes to be successful with property should learn to think in the same way.

Find out why you are doing it:

  • If you are a first-time buyer, how do you get onto the ladder with prices so high? After all, you still need to live somewhere and you know that renting means money down the drain;
  • Perhaps you need to move to a larger property – but are finding the additional cost too much to bear and are considering a property to develop?
  • Maybe you are a parent looking to set up a son or daughter with accommodation at college and looking to generate an asset;
  • Are you considering adding an extra income by developing your own or another property in your spare time?
  • Perhaps you enjoy DIY or are fascinated by the property market;
  • Are you ready to launch a new career developing property and escape a dreary job or stagnant career?
  • First-time buyer? Would-be developer or seasoned professional? Your background doesn’t matter. If you take good advice and use the tools we’ve provided, you can master the property game.

Learn to be ‘Risk Conscious’ – not ‘Risk Averse’. If you never take a risk, you’ll never make a gain. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the successful people take risks whilst constantly looking to minimise their risk.

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Daniel Peacock

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