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Property Secrets December 4, 2023 0 comments

How Landlords Can Navigate Proposed Changes To Renters Reform Bill

Further interactions have been introduced to the Renters Reform Bill following its second reading in Parliament last month. As one of the most significant pieces of legislation for landlords and tenants proposed in recent history, the Bill was largely aimed to fulfil the 2019 Conservative manifesto commitment to abolish ‘no
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Property Secrets December 1, 2023 0 comments

Are Property Prices Moving Up?

There’s been some positive news on today’s Nationwide House Price Index who state that UK house prices rose 0.2% month on month in November. House prices are still actually down 2% in the UK compared with a year ago as annual growth remains weak, but it’s been the strongest rise
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Property Secrets November 30, 2023 0 comments

How To Identify Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed Identification: The Ultimate Guide to Identifying Japanese Knotweed in Your Garden Welcome to our comprehensive guide on identifying Japanese Knotweed, an invasive plant species that can wreak havoc in your garden if left unchecked. With over 15 years of experience we’ll provide you with all the information you
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Property Secrets November 28, 2023 0 comments

What Lies Ahead For UK Property In 2024?

As interest rate increases continue to bite and the costs and challenges of property development, especially in London, remain high, we expect to see a continuation of the market trends we have seen in 2023 going into the New Year. It’s reassuring to note that as we enter 2024, there
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