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  • Liverpool HMO only £93,000

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Property Secrets March 16, 2023 0 comments

Let To Let Explained

With the current property and mortgage market a little uncertain just now, it might be worth doing so a bit at a time if you do need to move. What is let-to-let? Instead of selling your current home and buying a new one, you could look at letting out your
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Property Secrets March 15, 2023 0 comments

UK Landlords And The Security Tech Revolution

Security technology has changed dramatically in recent years, and UK landlords are leveraging this technology to create more attractive properties for their tenants.  Want to learn more about the technology providing smoother management for UK landlords? Keep reading as we explore the top physical security tools, from access control to
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Property Secrets March 7, 2023 0 comments

House Price Falls – Where Are The Rises?

The latest figures for house prices across the country show a slip in value in the run up to September and December 2022 but this is not uncommon, as less people often move during the run in to Christmas and New Year with less buyer demand than say Spring/Summer on
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Property Secrets March 6, 2023 0 comments

What Does The Average UK House Price Buy You In The Current Market?

Research from eXp UK, the network of personal estate agents, has revealed just how fragmented the UK property market is, with buyers able to purchase more than two homes for the average UK house price across 5% of local authorities, while in the most expensive areas of the market, the same
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